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Google Adwords is a service that allows you to display contextualized ads next to normal search results. Moonlight’s web marketing service deals with all these solutions.

When users do a Google search related to your product/service, it’s important for your company to appear in this search. This way you ensure that you are “visible” in the midst of so many other competitors on the internet and that people who visit your site are interested in the type of content it has to offer.

Moonlight is prepared to create, monitor and manage Google Adwords campaigns, so that your company has more visibility in searches, which means more contacts and more clients.

Why advertise on Google?

  • It is the most used search engine in Portugal – 90% of all searches begin here
  • Your company’s ad is published to a defined public
  • Your site gets quality traffic
  • You only pay when a user clicks on your ad
  • Set your own budget, according to the available marketing amount
  • Your monitor, measure and know the results clearly
  • You promote your business in Portugal or in international markets

Managing a Google Adwords campaign requires some finesse to get the best results: defining a set of keywords that describes your business, creating appealing campaigns, establishing how much you are prepared to pay for each click and what is your daily budget.


Know-How: Moonlight has the GAP logo (Google Advertising Professional) meaning that it was qualified by Google and is prepared to manage its ads.

Integrated Service: Moonlight performs the entire process, from the configuration, implementation and monitoring to the presentation of results.

Experience: we develop pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and sponsored links directed to consumers (B2C) or business (B2B) in many activity areas: real estate, insurance, technology, large-scale distribution, tourism, automotive, trade, banking and others.

Scope: national campaigns and, if applicable, campaigns according to the internationalization strategy of your business.

Transparency: we present periodic performance reports, so you can know the results of your ads.

Contact us to give your business a boost through Google ads and sponsored links from other search engines.



SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is one of the most important activities in the context of Web Marketing.

According to Netcraft data, there are, today, at least 175.000.000 active websites.

Obviously, not all websites can appear on the 1st page of search engines. These engines only place on their 1st page websites that their algorithms have determined to be relevant for a given search topic.

If search engines do not understand that your website is about a particular activity, service or product sales, they’ll never grant you a high ranking when research is made using certain keywords. In other words, your website will never be referenced in the first pages of search engines, meaning that it will not have the ability to attract new clients.

The task of improving your pages for the search engines to consider them as relevant is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The SEO aims to give pages its “findability”.

Moonlight’s team has experts that study which keywords are the most appropriate for your business and analyze how the content of your website uses or not these keywords.

-  Faceboo

Give visibility to your brand in the world’s largest social network and attract the interest of potential clients.

Social networks are growing deeper and Facebook is the 2nd site, right after Google, with the largest number of users in Portugal, nearly 3 million.

By creating a profile on this social network, companies approach their potential client in a friendly environment, promoting an active and dynamic relationship that can be accompanied by advertising.

Moonlight creates companies’ pages on Facebook, ensures their organization and develops their ads campaign on Facebook, as well as their management and monitoring.

Here are some of the advantages

  • More than 500 million users worldwide;
  • A range of 3 million potential clients in Portugal;
  • Choosing of a target audience by location, age, gender, background and interests;
  • Pay per Click – Pay when someone clicks on your ad (CPC);
  • Ads based on text and image;
  • Potential viral impact of your message throughout the network;
  • Free definition of the daily budget.

Contactus for more information on functioning and costs.

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