Moonlight | MoonGames
Moonlight | MoonGames

MoonGames is a powerful tool for marketing.


The MoonGames application is made of games designed to test the level of knowledge in a recreational and competitive way.

This application can be customized for your corporate or commercial image.

The games are also configurable at the following level:

  • Score allocated to each question,
  • Number of attempts,
  • Level of difficulty, defined according to each specific situation and use.

Main Functionalities

  • Assessing the co-workers’ knowledge level (products and services related data);
  • Marketing element at the launch of products and services;
  • Development of merit and professional recognition actions.
  • Users only need to have a browser (version 5 or higher).


MoonGames is a product aimed at the development of “Activities/Games” on the Internet, designed to test the level of knowledge of a given population on information previously provided, in a playful and extremely competitive way.

Developed by Moonlight, these games were meant for use across the entire national and international society.

100% WEB

MoonGames Main Features:

1. Multilingual.

2. Management of entities.

3. Questions, answers and theme management.

4. Game’s functional options management:

    4.1 Game space – definition of the grid cell size, which can be symmetric or asymmetric.
    4.2 Management of the game’s scoring scheme options.
    4.3 Management of the game’s functional methodology options.
    4.4 Possibility of introducing a final question for closing the game.
    4.5 Game preview.

5. Images chosen by the Client.

6. Daily and overall score reports.

7. Advertising banners space.

8. Space for placing the game’s supporting files for download.

9. Link to other company’s applications, mainly in the training and communication area.

10. Individual communication of the game’s outcome via email to each

11. Possibility to develop custom-made game screens for the client.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Broadband Web access
  • Version 5 or higher browser

Some examples of use:

1. Evaluate the knowledge level of the Companies’ co-workers.
(recommended products and technical procedures related data)

2. Activation of Brands: Promotional Campaigns of products

3. Evaluate the Clients’ level of knowledge about the Companies in general or a specific product.

4. Use as a Marketing element on the launch of products and services.

5. Measuring the knowledge of parts of the population on certain topics.

6. Serve as an aggregation element for all kinds of associations.

7. Developing merit and professional recognition actions

The dimension of the games can vary from a small Club or Company to a planetary scale, simultaneously involving players from around the world, in their native tongue, provided they have access to the Internet. 

International Organizations now have a tool designed to work on a multilingual level, allowing the mobilization of co-workers and/or clients to a scale only possible through the Internet.

The multifunction of the MoonGames, and its use in specific business models, allows its aggregation by different areas of activity.

To increase the participants’ interest, and considering it can become a competition (tournaments), it is interesting to recognize the merit through the awarding of prizes to participants and salesmen.


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