case studies

  • Desenvolvimento de software - Market-Dealer


    This project allowed Moonlight to work with a large number of information, a situation where the investment on the Oracle Database Technology has proven to be valuable. Starting with a local application created in Access, and predefined tables made available in paper for AutoInforma members, Moonlight developed a format that would allow a greater flexibility in terms of analysis and accessibility of information.

  • Desenvolvimento de software -

    It consisted in the optimization of the processes between brands and the IMTT, in order to obtain a better performance in the certification of type-approvals, as well as in reducing errors and duplication in data treatment related to the type-approvals of vehicles.

  • Desenvolvimento de software - CO2


    The Fuel Economy Guide is part of an information system to consumers, particularly buyers of new light passenger vehicles, allowing them to make a fully informed choice about fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.